Home Decor

Nursery painting

My oldest daughter moved into her “big girl room” and left the nursery for her little sister. I wanted to create new decorations for my youngest because she didn’t have a lot of stuff that was made just for her. I decided to make a painting for over her crib. I had lots of canvas paintings that didn’t match room decor and were sentenced to the basement, so I painted over with white. I found this saying on Pinterest that I really liked. I’m fortunate to have a projector so I sized it up on the canvas until it fit well.

I traced the projection with pencil.

It’s a little wiggley but it’s still a million times nicer than if I were to freehand it.

I picked some acrylic teal that I already had. It matches her room perfectly.

I painted and filled in the writing. I suppose I could have also painted the outside and left the writing white. Sort of by accident it ended up looking like watercolour. The paint was thicker and thinner not on purpose but I really like it.

After I finished painting in the letters.

The final result in the nursery.

My youngest daughter has a real artist as a godmother and she created a beautiful painting with her name. I also found the letter on Wayfair.


Giant Paper flower decorations

I needed some decorations for grade 8 graduation at my school. I’ve made small paper flowers before but I decided to make a couple larger ones instead. My school’s colours are purple and gold (but we often use yellow, too). I ordered a pack of different shades of purple cardstock from amazon

I found some petal shapes in Cricut Design Space. I cut 5 petals in 3 different sizes.

Next, I used my scoring pen to curl the outside of the petals outward.

I realized it would be much easier to create the outside layer with something to glue the petals to. I got some cheap construction paper (in hindsight, I should have used something thicker) and cut out some rough circles.

To get a really nice 3D effect, cut a 1″ slice into the inside of the petal.

I used a glue runner to put a dab of glue on one side.

Now slightly bend the plain side onto the glue side and crossover.

Now run some glue across the outside or bottom of the petal.

Glue the petal onto the backing paper. I penciled a dot where the middle was to make it easier to line up the petals.

Continue with the rest of the petals.

Repeat the same steps for the medium-sized petals.

And again for the smallest petals.

I used two different petal shapes. Two of my flowers had rounded petals and three others were slightly pointed.

Once I thought I was finished I took a look and thought they were still plain. I decided to use tissue paper for the inside of the flower and to cover up the inside.

I folded some white tissue paper into a rectangle slightly bigger than I wanted my flower to be.

I stapled the inside to make sure the layers stayed together.

I eye-balled a circle (Hah!)

I cut into the middle to create petals. Don’t cut all the way through!

Pinch the middle so the petals stick up and you have a point where you can glue the tissue to the cardstock.

Fluff it up so it doesn’t look too uniform.

Glue tissue flower onto the cardstock flower.

I used white, lilac purple and yellow tissue paper.

I threw in some extra tissue paper flowers to fill in the gaps!