Vinyl Stickers

Swing Set Cafe

Our families bought our daughter a play set for her 2nd birthday this summer. After a lot of work from family members, it finally got built and ready to go! I didn’t even realize until it was built that there is a small kitchen area underneath the canopy part. I saw all of the empty tarp and of course I had to create something.

Using her nickname (and a middle name passed down for 4 generations) I named her cafe and used her favourite foods to create a menu.


I used the font Friday after a lot of trial and error to find a font that allowed french accents. When none of my favourite fonts showed the accents, I took a square shape and created my own. Poor French Cricut users.

I used VViViD permanent vinyl in black to cut. It was pretty close to the Cricut brand vinyl for much cheaper. The backing stuck to my cutting mat a bit when I was taking it off but it scraped off easily after.

One headache from this project was the transfer tape. Oh boy. I’m never using this for a large project ever again. It was a giant pain. I used this Oracal clear transfer tape for the first time and I didn’t like it. The grid is only on the backing, not the clear sticky part. This makes it incredibly hard to line up and make the vinyl straight. It took some doing to get the vinyl to actually stick to the transfer tape, too. I’ve only ever used the Cricut brand before. I would say even with the money saved, it’s not worth it to go off brand.

To be fair, I was working in a heat warning with a bit of wind. So there were external factors that made this project more difficult. But overall, it turned out ok and it’s still holding up 2 weeks later!


My daughter’s reaction was to point at it and say, “letters!” and that was about it.

Vinyl Stickers

Reminder stickers

Reminder Vinyl Stickers


My husband is a bit forgetful. We had a little saying before we left the house, “Phone? Wallet? Keys?” and he would respond, “All of these!” But when our daughter came along we had enough on our minds before we left the house. So I decided to make some “reminder stickers” right beside the front door. I either found the shapes in Cricut Design Space or I created them using simple shapes. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them and it’s also been very practical.

Vinyl Stickers

Car decals

I am still undecided about whether car decals are a good idea or not. They definitely make you stand out to people around you and that may not be the best. But for the sake of my daughter I decided to make my husband and I some personalized decals using my Cricut. I found some SVG files that I thought were fun.

The point of the sticker is to let others know that we have precious cargo. My husband is a big fan of Star Wars and I love Harry Potter so these were my natural choices. I let my husband pick which one he liked more.

Since this was going to be on tinted rear windows I bought some Outdoor Glossy Vinyl in white (I also used this for written house numbers on my garage). I uploaded the files into Cricut Design Space and was on my way.

Before applying the decals to the window, I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol to make sure everything adhered well. I found a helpful tutorial here. Here are the final results!