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Nursery painting

My oldest daughter moved into her “big girl room” and left the nursery for her little sister. I wanted to create new decorations for my youngest because she didn’t have a lot of stuff that was made just for her. I decided to make a painting for over her crib. I had lots of canvas paintings that didn’t match room decor and were sentenced to the basement, so I painted over with white. I found this saying on Pinterest that I really liked. I’m fortunate to have a projector so I sized it up on the canvas until it fit well.

I traced the projection with pencil.

It’s a little wiggley but it’s still a million times nicer than if I were to freehand it.

I picked some acrylic teal that I already had. It matches her room perfectly.

I painted and filled in the writing. I suppose I could have also painted the outside and left the writing white. Sort of by accident it ended up looking like watercolour. The paint was thicker and thinner not on purpose but I really like it.

After I finished painting in the letters.

The final result in the nursery.

My youngest daughter has a real artist as a godmother and she created a beautiful painting with her name. I also found the letter on Wayfair.

Home Decor

Baby swing pillow

My daughter LOVES her swing but smacks her head when I’m a little too aggressive with the pushing. I had some extra fabric hanging around so I got to work! It was a happy coincidence that the colours matched nicely.

I took a 12″ by 12″ piece of fabric and folded it in half to place the velcro circles. I sewed them onto the fabric first. I then turned the fabric inside out and sewed up a short and long side. I left a short side open to stuff it with pillow stuffing leftover from her knot pillow project. I turned the rough edges in and finished the last short edge. All done!

It works perfectly! I take it in when we’re done with the swing so it doesn’t get gross. She loves it!

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Pillow Lounger

First off, I have to say this was one of the easiest projects of my life! I got the idea from this pin on Pinterest. She used velcro to close the open ends of the pillowcases but I chose not to.

I bought 4 matching (I thought) pillowcases, washed and ironed them, sewed them together, added pillows and voilà!

It turned out that the chevron pattern was horizontal on 2 and vertical on the other 2. The sizes were a little off, as well. Nothing that bothered me that much.

I did a zigzag stitch to hold them together. I matched the edges as best I could and sewed the long edges together.

You can see the size discrepancy in the picture below.

After you stuff the pillows in you can’t tell at all!

She loves it!

In all, I paid $10 for all 4 pillowcases in a Fabricland sale. I paid $3.50 for each pillow at Walmart. It would be really easy to add pillows on for children or adults that are taller. It took a couple hours to wash, dry and iron the pillowcases and about 10 minutes to sew them together. It was a cheap and easy project!

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This was a really fun summer project and gift idea! I made them for my mom and my mother-in-law. If you can sew a straight stitch in a relatively straight line, you can do this project.

I found 2 indoor/outdoor decor fabrics that coordinated well and I was off running. I bought 1 metre of each bolt.


I washed the fabric and laid it out flat.


I used an existing placemat as a template to find a good size for the first piece. I left a seam allowance around the edges as I cut. After I had the first cut, I used it to measure out the rest of the cuts.


Place right sides together and match up the edges.


Pin the pieces together right sides in.


Sew a straight stitch around the perimeter and leave about 4-6 inches unstitched so you can turn the placemat right side out.


I like to cut the excess fabric off the corners so you can get a crisp 90 degree edge when you turn it right side out again.


Turn it right side out.


Try to wiggle the seams out flat so the edges are nice and straight.


Iron the edges so that the seams will stay flat and it will be much easier to sew again.


Stitch one more time around the perimeter. This time you can go over the spot you left open the first time and the placemat will be finished.


I ironed it one last time.


Now you have the finished project! I made 6 of each pattern and they’re all double sided.


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Doorbell chime cover

My husband and I have been fixing our fixer-upper home for 6 years now. We have plans for a big project every summer but in between I like to find small things that bug me. One of them being our doorbell chime cover.

It’s yellowed, sticky and from the 60’s. As always I could have bought something but I opted for a DIY project.

First step, take it down and clean it. Yuck.


I couldn’t have the newly painted kitchen have an eyesore. I had to cover it with something pretty.


I found some pretty paper that had the same grey-teal of our wall colour! I traced the cover and cut it to size.


It fits! Now to mod podge then paint the edges with the wall paint.


Not bad! Certainly better than it was. And if I decide I don’t like it, I’m only out some paper, paint and mod podge.


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Reupholstered ikea chairs

We’ve had our ikea dining chairs for a couple years now and there are multiple spills and stains on the WHITE fabric. Of course when I was 24 and childless I wasn’t thinking about how white chair pads might not be that practical.

I measured out each chair pad and multiplied by 6. I rounded up to 2 metres. Then we went on a shopping trip to Fabricland, the land of possibilities!


We found this fabric in the sale pile for $6 a metre! So the whole project cost me $12. I halved the fabric and measured out what I needed for a single chair pad.


I needed to slice along the top so I could get 2 chair pad pieces. I knew I had a lot of extra fabric so I wasn’t worried about making it pretty.


After cutting out 6 pieces I had about enough left for 2 more chairs.


I took the chair pad off easily enough. It made me realize I also have a cleaning job when I’m done.


I peeled the ID tags off the bottom and stapled one staple on each side of the fabric to start. This info graphic helped me out.


I had a lot of extra fabric near the end so I trimmed it a bit.


The corners were easier than I thought! Pull the corner into the middle and staple, pull one side tight and staple then finally fold the last side in and staple. I added 3x as many staples as I probably needed.


Before and after! What a difference. Even if they don’t last that long it was worth the $12 and the experience.