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Sunshine t-shirts

This is a favourite song of mine and I’ve passed it on to my daughter. I’ve been looking at “Mommy and Me’ outfits but they’re all about Queens/Princesses or “this kid tires me out” and I thought I could find something better. I went looking around on Pinterest and found this. It was exactly what I was looking for. Shipping across the border can be very expensive and after the Elmo shirt I thought this would be easy enough to try.

I used the yellow shirt that I recreated from a store-bought youth tee. Michaels didn’t have a yellow shirt in my daughter’s size so I made one myself. My shirt is a plain gray cotton v-neck shirt.


I used the vinyl sheets I bought on Amazon for my Elmo shirt project.


I picked out some fonts I liked on Cricut Design Space and found a sun shape on the program for the top. Then I set the Cricut to work!


Set up the gray piece to cut while you work on the yellow chunk. I cut out the small square piece so I could use the rest of the yellow for something else later. Can’t have waste! Weed all of the negative space. The weeding tool is amazing for teeny font pieces.


Now to weed all the inner-font pieces.


Poke and lift. Try not to poke stuff not meant to be poked.


All done the weeding process. I highly recommend doing this at a table rather than bent over on the floor.


The gray sheet is all cut. Hard to see unless you catch a glare at the right angle.


Cut out just the part where your picture is.


Start weeding the negative space.


Almost done. Just the inner-font pieces.


I laid them on top of the shirts to see how they looked. I probably could have made mine larger. My daughter’s shirt is a better size.


Starting with my shirt, I spread it onto the ironing board so it was only the front being ironed. I eye-balled the placement, laid a towel over the vinyl and ironed away. I pressed fairly hard while I tried to concentrate the heat on the plastic square.


You can see the parts that haven’t adhered to the shirt yet.


Just checking to make sure I iron the right section.


Took a couple go-rounds.


The sun still needs some heat. It hasn’t quite separated from the plastic yet.


I tested the corner to see if it was ready. Looks good!




I turned the shirt over and ironed the back.


My shirt is done!


I laid the gray piece down to see where it should be placed.


Cover it up with the tea towel to iron.


Not even close. This shirt took a long time to adhere. Maybe because the font is so skinny or maybe the vinyl wasn’t as nice. Who knows.


I took the tea towel off and just ironed on the plastic. My arm started to hurt!


Still not sticking.


Eventually it stuck and it turned out great! They look great on the table. Can’t wait to try them on!


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