Home Decor


This was a really fun summer project and gift idea! I made them for my mom and my mother-in-law. If you can sew a straight stitch in a relatively straight line, you can do this project.

I found 2 indoor/outdoor decor fabrics that coordinated well and I was off running. I bought 1 metre of each bolt.


I washed the fabric and laid it out flat.


I used an existing placemat as a template to find a good size for the first piece. I left a seam allowance around the edges as I cut. After I had the first cut, I used it to measure out the rest of the cuts.


Place right sides together and match up the edges.


Pin the pieces together right sides in.


Sew a straight stitch around the perimeter and leave about 4-6 inches unstitched so you can turn the placemat right side out.


I like to cut the excess fabric off the corners so you can get a crisp 90 degree edge when you turn it right side out again.


Turn it right side out.


Try to wiggle the seams out flat so the edges are nice and straight.


Iron the edges so that the seams will stay flat and it will be much easier to sew again.


Stitch one more time around the perimeter. This time you can go over the spot you left open the first time and the placemat will be finished.


I ironed it one last time.


Now you have the finished project! I made 6 of each pattern and they’re all double sided.


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