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Reupholstered ikea chairs

We’ve had our ikea dining chairs for a couple years now and there are multiple spills and stains on the WHITE fabric. Of course when I was 24 and childless I wasn’t thinking about how white chair pads might not be that practical.

I measured out each chair pad and multiplied by 6. I rounded up to 2 metres. Then we went on a shopping trip to Fabricland, the land of possibilities!


We found this fabric in the sale pile for $6 a metre! So the whole project cost me $12. I halved the fabric and measured out what I needed for a single chair pad.


I needed to slice along the top so I could get 2 chair pad pieces. I knew I had a lot of extra fabric so I wasn’t worried about making it pretty.


After cutting out 6 pieces I had about enough left for 2 more chairs.


I took the chair pad off easily enough. It made me realize I also have a cleaning job when I’m done.


I peeled the ID tags off the bottom and stapled one staple on each side of the fabric to start. This info graphic helped me out.


I had a lot of extra fabric near the end so I trimmed it a bit.


The corners were easier than I thought! Pull the corner into the middle and staple, pull one side tight and staple then finally fold the last side in and staple. I added 3x as many staples as I probably needed.


Before and after! What a difference. Even if they don’t last that long it was worth the $12 and the experience.

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