Home Decor

Doorbell chime cover

My husband and I have been fixing our fixer-upper home for 6 years now. We have plans for a big project every summer but in between I like to find small things that bug me. One of them being our doorbell chime cover.

It’s yellowed, sticky and from the 60’s. As always I could have bought something but I opted for a DIY project.

First step, take it down and clean it. Yuck.


I couldn’t have the newly painted kitchen have an eyesore. I had to cover it with something pretty.


I found some pretty paper that had the same grey-teal of our wall colour! I traced the cover and cut it to size.


It fits! Now to mod podge then paint the edges with the wall paint.


Not bad! Certainly better than it was. And if I decide I don’t like it, I’m only out some paper, paint and mod podge.


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