Clothing Projects

Baby bibs and burp cloths

In preparation for the upcoming babies in the family, I wanted to make some new bibs and burp cloths. I found some really cute fabric at Walmart. I used some existing bandana bibs and burp cloths to trace the shape. I used cotton fat quarters with white flannel on the back.

I had so much fun making these that I decided to rummage through my husbands old dress shirts to make these cute bibs I found on Pinterest. I found a couple that worked out. I laid a bib on top to see how it would fit.

Lining up the buttons was tricky. One of the shirts had the buttons spaced out and I thought it would be weird with only one button showing. I also didn’t want a button placed where the bowtie would land.

Personally I really like when bibs have the opening on the side.

The red shirt didn’t have a button on the strap of the bib so I sewed the shirt closed.

I used the white flannel on the back. Once I had the shapes cut out I just needed to sew a seam with the right sides together. Leave some room to flip the right sides out again.

I eye-balled the shape of a bowtie and sewed it onto the bib.

I happened to have the scraps of fabric lying around that ended up matching great.

The best part of making bibs and burp cloths is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. For me I’d rather have quantity over quality and the cuteness factor doesn’t hurt.